In the Chinese accordion books I record my travels and daily experiences. As life unfolds, I paint a narrative image of that unique time and place.

It has been a great privilege to be able to work directly at the Huntington Gardens in San Marino, California. The environment and atmosphere are absolutely transforming.


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The second printing of artist Jean's Edelstein's new book showcasing 37 illustrated accordion folded books from her current series of over 200. Fifty pages printed on premium lustre finish photo book paper.

"Jean Edelstein will tell you she creates the books for herself. The reality is that her books are graceful, playful, full of energy and beg to be shared. Her books are about finding peace and harmony, and nourishing the senses. The books are filled with images she captures in line and color, reflecting a timeless beauty.

Her books are a portrait of life, filled with joyous spirit and exuberance for art." – Georgia Freedman-Harvey, Curator, Platt/Borstein Galleries, American Jewish University, Los Angeles

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Jean Edelstein • Venice, CA 90291 • (310) 399-3592

artwork ©Jean Edelstein all rights reserved